The Best Way To Clean Your Wooden Floor

If you have a nice wooden floor but want to keep the shine you should think about what you should use for it during the house clean. Actually, wooden floors can be a bit of a problem. They could be the hallmark of your household but cleaning can be very tricky and mistakes can just […]

under floor heating

7 Benefits Of Using Under Floor Heating System To Heat Your Home

For homes, offices, self-build projects and extensions, the best heating system would be the under floor heating system. This system uses heating pipes installed under the floor to circulate heat throughout the premises. The wet or hydronic under floor heating systems are suitable for renewable energy systems like solar thermal or heat pumps and these […]

How To Maintain Concrete Floor?

Concrete may appear to be quite indestructible. It is obviously tough, heavy and can last for a long time. However, concrete can still be vulnerable to damage, especially if we use it as flooring material. Concrete floors are often used for basement and garage. Thanks to the latest developments, homeowners can now take advantage of […]

How To Remodel Our Basement?

One of the most cost effective and easiest ways to add living spaces in our house is through basement remodelling. We could do this without taking up some space from our garden or yard. For each foot square of living space added, basement remodelling will cost only up to a third compared to making new […]