Using Ozone To Eradicate Mold

Many contractors have been using ozone generators to solve mold problems in various houses. Although ozone alone won’t solve the mold problem, it could provide at least temporary solution. It should be noted that mold could have roots that penetrate up to 0.5 inches into the wall or other surfaces. Even dead molds can still […]

Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your House

There’s no doubt that color could really affect our emotions in the long run. Colors are different representations of visible light and light is energy. Colors can create the feeling of coolness and warmth, as well as increasing appetite, stimulating, depressing and tranquilizing us. This phenomenon s called Chromodynamics. Although we could only clearly a […]

What To Do If We Have Sooty Walls?

Soot in our house could indicate a serious problem and we often don’t notice the reason until it becomes a bug problem. Telltale signs of soot could be seen on pictures and bright-colored wallpapers. Upon closer inspection, the same sooty material could be found on home furnishings, drapes and carpets as well. Ductwork could easily […]