Upgrading Your Garden – DIY Irrigation System

Home gardening is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for a number of reasons. Some people just enjoy the level of flavor and nutritional value that only just-picked fruits and vegetables can provide. One reason for the loss of flavor and nutrition in supermarket produce is premature mechanical harvesting to prevent bruising. Another is moisture loss […]

How To Deal With Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Being a handy person is great when things around your house start breaking down, falling apart and tearing up – having the luxury of not calling a professional every time you need something repaired makes your life much easier. However, what to do when you know that something is wrong, but are unable to see […]

Old House Renovation – DIY or Call The Pros

Old House Renovation – DIY or Call The Pros?

No matter how nice and tucked-in an old house looks, one thing is certain. The time will come when you will need to invest certain amount of money, in order to keep it going (not literally, house cannot go anywhere). There are two ways to do that. Either do it yourself, or hire a professional. […]

The Real Truth About Party Wall Insurance

Are you considering a large scale home renovation? The Party Wall Act protects you and your neighbours during home renovations, and failure to follow the correct procedures could land you with a hefty bill. As anyone who is considering an extension or renovation project will have realised, neighbours have a very important role to play […]

Transform Your Shed Into A Summer House Dream

With summer soon approaching, it won’t be long until the long warm nights and tasty BBQ start and what better what to get your garden ready this summer than by transforming your shed into your favourite hideaway summer house? First of you, yes you can transform any shed, start out with the outside and work […]