Upgrading Your Garden – DIY Irrigation System

Home gardening is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for a number of reasons. Some people just enjoy the level of flavor and nutritional value that only just-picked fruits and vegetables can provide. One reason for the loss of flavor and nutrition in supermarket produce is premature mechanical harvesting to prevent bruising. Another is moisture loss […]

Give Your Garden a Contemporary Look

If you wish to create a pleasant outdoor ambient and make some changes in your garden, you should definitely consider going for a more modern approach. Contemporary garden designs have grown in popularity in recent years, as the details that characterize this layout give a sort of luxurious and glamorous touch to the place. So […]

Seek Shelter In The Shade Of Your Renovated Backyard

Usually when buying a house, people look at the size of it, its location and the number of bedrooms. Rarely can you see someone buying a house just for its huge backyard, yet there are cases where backyard was the turning point when it comes to purchasing a property. And these backyards are usually invested […]

Your Ultimate Outdoor Zen Hideout

Your Ultimate Outdoor Zen Hideout

Today we live in an era of steel, concrete and glass, unable to tell one street from another or even one city from another. All this cold grey uniformity has brought to the increase of anxiety in people and sometimes it seems as if there is no way out. However, where there is a will […]

Transform Your Shed Into A Summer House Dream

With summer soon approaching, it won’t be long until the long warm nights and tasty BBQ start and what better what to get your garden ready this summer than by transforming your shed into your favourite hideaway summer house? First of you, yes you can transform any shed, start out with the outside and work […]